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Let us know what you're looking for!

We'll give you exactly what you want according to your budget.

Tell us about your plans and main interests when travelling to Lisbon. You might be only looking for Accommodation or some Activities to add some fun to your group travel. Maybe you want to plan your entire trip? With us you'll get just what you need!

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How does it work?


Tell us what

you're looking for


1. Tell us what you’re looking for.


Let us know more about your trip. The most important information is the group size and type, if your dates are flexible and if you already define a budget and of course what's your expectations. Do you want to plan the entire trip or are you only looking for some services?

2. We send you suggestions. 


After we get a better idea of your specific needs, we will send you the best options available according to your request and probably some extra suggestions that we think it might suits you too. All will be listed in a clear way so you can easily decide what do you want to book.


You choose what

suits you best


3. You choose what suits you best. 


It doesn't matter how many questions do you have, we will be always available to discuss it and make changes until we get into the perfect solution. Once you make your decisions and tell us what are your choices, we will send you a final quote and payment details.


We book with

our partners


4. We'll book with our partners.  


After you make your first payment, we will take care of all the arrangements and bookings for you. You don't have to worry about anything else from now on. Everything will be organized between us and our partners according to preferences and instructions.


You get a

perfect itinerary


5. You'll get a detailed Itinerary. 


Maybe you booked Accommodation only or maybe we're planing your entire trip. Either way, on this stage you might want to ask for tips, add services or make requests, like restaurants reservations. This is the moment to do it so we can add it to your step by step Itinerary.


We send you



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