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Amazing times is what you get with us!

We have a variety of activities that you can choose from. It doesn't matter if you prefer Surf, Stand up Paddle, Bodyboard, Rock Climbing or other activites.

What matter is you have a lot of FUN in a safe and stress free way. We only work with the best certified teachers so you can have the best time ever. 


The sea is part of our culture and surfing is an extension of our love for the ocean.

If you’re new to surfing, don’t worry - you’re in for a real treat. Our surf lessons are with experts who will help you to fall in love with surfing. You’ll discover that surfing is addictive! Riding the waves is an exhilarating experience. You feel energised, alive and completely immersed in the moment. There is nothing like the rush you get after  an awesome day of surfing. What’s more, our local beer and delicious Portuguese food taste even better after a session on the waves.

The benefits of

combining Surf & Yoga

Surfing and yoga compliment each other perfectly. If you’re already a yogi, your core strength, flexibility and body awareness will help you to find your feet quicker on the board. For surfers, yoga is the perfect way to warm and release your body before and after surfing. Both activities help you to feel super-present and alive - just what you want when you’re on holiday.For many people who try surf and yoga together for the first time, they discover it makes for an “ideal day”. You can get up, practice yoga, then head to the beach to catch some waves, before chilling later in the day. It’s the perfect balance of activity and relaxation, action and zen.



You’ll be surprise with all the adventure sports that you can practice around Lisbon and with the varied selection of activities that we’ve made for you, choosing the best companies to provide amazing moments with all the safety that you need. During the summer you can embrace a new experience every day and try different activities that we organize each week to make sure that you have a memorable holiday. If you want to do anything specific, just tell us what you want and we design a week for you that you’ll never forget. Just choose what you like most, we arrange it!



Amazing tours


Lisbon has it all. It is surrounded by beautiful natural places that are going to take your breath away and it also has that unique vibe of the old mixed with the new, with which so many people fall in love. Our amazing coastline, the great Sintra mountain, which is a UNESCO World Heritage and also Arrábida mountain, a protected area with wonderful beaches, are just  a few examples. If you’re a nature lover or an urban watcher, we know that you want more than just see it, you want to completely experience  it. That’s why we’ve searched the best for you. 

anchor tours

All About


Explore the Caminho do Atlântico and witness a hole new side of Sintra, where the sea meets the land in the most Western point of Europe, Cabo da Roca. Walk the same path that has been walked for more than 800 years in the Mourish Castle. Experience a boat ride and see the dolphins by your side. Walk in the woods of Sintra and feel the unique habitat. It's so good to get lost in the world and explore these amazing places.

All About


The Heritage of Lisboa is immense. With so much  rich history our Capital is without a doubt an European gem. Take the tour of Lisbon and get to know the most relevant and unique facts of our past. Get to know the Alfama and São Jorge castles with the locals and get their perspective of how it is to live in such a wonderful and inspiring place.

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